Climate Resiliency Resources

Climate Resiliency Resources

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Farms in the Kootenay-Boundary region may face hotter, drier summers with less water available in peak times. Preparing for these changes in regards to drought, wildfire, and flooding is an important step for farms to take.


Drought & On-Farm Water Conservation

In British Columbia, drought may be caused by combinations of insufficient snow accumulation, hot and dry weather, or a delay in rainfall. 

Drought Information

BC Ministry of Agriculture

  • Drought in Agriculture: Livestock management during droughts, drought impacts on soil, effective water and irrigation management
  • Drought Information: Effects of drought, water management during drought, and water conservation.
  • British Columbia Drought and Water Scarcity Plan: this plan is reviewed annually to review the drought and water scarcity response plan for the province of BC. 
  • Water Use During Scarcity: During times of scarcity or drought, the BC government can apply a number of regulatory options, alone or in combination to protect the rights of water users, essential household needs and aquatic ecosystems. 
  • British Columbia Drought Information Portal: Updated and monitored annually, the British Columbia Drought Information Portal offers an interactive drought map and stream watch for the region. 

Beef Cattle Research Council

Irrigation Optimization

With less water available during peak season, it is important for producers to optimize their irrigation setups to save time and save money on the farm.

KBFA Resources

  • Irrigate Better is a multi-part webinar series produced by Andrew Bennett in association with the Kootenay & Boundary Farm Advisors and the Climate & Agriculture Initiative to help farms use water more effectively to save time and money and grow more.
  • Farm Water Fixis a 12-part video series designed to make irrigation concepts as clear as possible to help you tune up your systems and schedules to get the right amount of water to your crops at the right time. Filmed in 2020 and 2021 when irrigation designers Andrew Bennett and Bruce Naka toured farms across the Kootenay and Boundary region, this video series and the related 4-part webinar series, “Irrigate Better” looks for ways to save farms time, money, and grow better crops that are more resilient to extreme weather conditions. 


The average summer temperature in the Kootenay-Boundary region is on the rise, and with it the risk of wildfire. Producers can find resources here to prepare for the changes in weather and temperature.

Wildfire Information & Preparedness Planning

Province of BC

KBFA Resources

  • Targeted Grazing: Range field day with Rangeland ecologist Amanda Miller shared findings from year one of a pilot project with the BC Cattlemen’s Association using targeted grazing to reduce fine fuels and wildfire risk in BC’s wildland/urban interface. 

BC Climate Change Adaptation


Farm Flood Readiness

BC Climate Change Adaptation Program

  • Farm Flood Readiness Toolkit: This toolkit will help producers prepare for and recover from flooding. The toolkit includes eight fact sheets that provide information about topics ranging from determining flood risk level to protecting livestock. 

Funding Opportunities

Beneficial Management Practices Funding

  • BMP Funding: Upon completion of an Environmental Farm Plan, project funding to increase your agricultural sustainability and contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment may be available through the Beneficial Management Practices Program (BMP). Eligible projects include waste management, air quality control, emissions control, soil and riparian integrity, water quality, and environmental impacts. 

Other Sources of Funding

There are many sources of funding becoming available for farmers. The best way to stay informed on new initiatives is to subscribe to the Kootenay Farmer Newsletter, sent out bimonthly.


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