Zoom Workshop: Flock Health for Optimal Broiler Production

January 13 & 20, 2022

This flock health workshop was tailored for small scale meat bird producers in the Kootenay region with Dr. Vicki Bowes, Small Flock Poultry Health Specialist and Veterinarian with the Ministry of Agriculture. Key fundamentals were covered in this workshop to increase your success as a chicken producer, reduce economic losses and improve animal welfare.  Curtis Smith, owner and operator of Chuckareese Abattoir in Creston, participated for discussion and Q & A. The recordings for Part I and Part II are below. 


Lab Diagnostics and Support: BC Ministry of Agriculture’s Animal Health Centre

PART I CHAPTERS: “Keeping Meat Birds Healthy” (click on the time to go directly to the video):

00:00:00 KBFA Introduction

00:03:01 Participant Round Table 00:13:15 Curtis Smith Introduction

00:22:12 Vicki Bowes Introduction

00:28:44 Great Resources 00:34:38 Presentation Agenda

00:36:23 Record Keeping

00:37:41 Disease Prevention

00:39:11 Common Diseases

00:41:25 Chicks: Sourcing & Vaccination

00:48:49 Brooding: Litter Quality

00:52:31 Brooder: Size, Light, Water, Vitamins

00:57:03 Brooder Problems

01:01:07 Hatching Eggs: Yolk Sac Infections

01:05:46 Chick Necropsy

01:15:12 Do Not Caponize Birds 01:18:59 Culling & Euthanasia

01:23:21 Cervical Dislocation

01:27:07 Feed 01:29:39 Coccidiosis

01:38:37 Ascites (Water Belly)

01:49:44 Lameness & Leg Problems

01:52:12 Nutritional Deficiencies

01:53:47 Flock Uniformity

01:54:08 Sudden Death & Predation

01:55:22 Shipping

01:56:10 Processing Downgrades

01:57:37 Animal Health Centre (BC)

01:59:13 Q&A: Where to source multivitamins

01:59:54 Q&A: Grow out times

02:04:14 Q&A: Space and ranging

02:05:47 Closing

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