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These institutions and educational resources support all sectors of agriculture in British Columbia.


BC Agriculture Council (BCAC)

  • The BCAC offers a wide variety of services and information for producers, and advocates on behalf of individual producers (Farmer ID Card) and member associations in a wide range of agricultural sectors. BCAC services include ARDCorp (Agricultural Research and Development Corporation).

Local Agricultural Associations

Best Practices

Government of BC

Research and Innovation

University and College

The following educational institutions conduct research, educate students, and mentor new farmers:


Funding availability changes quickly, is often sector-specific, and is typically limited. A good place to start is the current list of Agriculture Programs on the BC Government site. Funds are often available to assist with business planning (see Business Resources), in addition to the programs listed below.

Infrastructure Funding

Farm Improvement

  • Beneficial Management Practice (BMP) Program is a provincial cost-share program offered to farms who have completed an Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) and satisfy certain other criteria.
  • The 2020/2021 list funded planning and projects in irrigation and drainage improvements, cross-fencing, infrastructure relocation, composting and debris management, mowers, chippers, sprayers, dust precipitators, vegetative buffers, riparian restoration, dugout construction, and more.
  • On-Farm Food Safety Program offers 70% cost-share up to $10,000 to eligible BC farms to improve food safety through equipment, facilities or good agriculture practices, and achieve HACCP-based certifications.
  • Traceability Adoption Program helps fund facility-based traceability systems and infrastructure. Traceability Value-Chain Program funds improvements to “supply chains” of two or more agrifood businesses.

Other Programs

  • Fencing cost-share funding is sometimes available through WildSafeBC to minimize wildlife conflicts.

Innovation Funding

Innovation Research

Innovation Demonstrations

Tax Credits

Species and Habitat Funding

Species at Risk Partnership on Agricultural Lands (SARPAL)

  • SARPAL is a Federal initiative under the National Conservation Plan to fund habitat projects that benefit species at risk on farmland. In BC, access to the program is usually through the Environmental Farm Plan.

Species at Risk Partnership on Agricultural Lands (SARPAL)

  • Farmland Advantage is a research and development project that works with farmers to protect and conserve critical, natural values in BC.

Farm Planning

Environmental Farm Plan (EFP)

Government of Canada, BC Ministry of Agriculture

  • the Canada-BC Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) program is a free and confidential service that includes a farm visit by a planning advisor to help identify and mitigate risks the farm may face or pose. An EFP is required to access Beneficial Management Practice (BMP) cost-share funding to plan and implement improvements.
    • To get an EFP, contact ARDCorp or any EFP planning advisor you may know

Agricultural Consultants

Canadian Association of Farm Advisors (CAFA)

  • CAFA is a professional organization that certifies farm advisors (CAFA, listed here).

BC Institute of Agrologist (BCIA)

  • BCIA is a professional organization that certifies agrologists (P.Ag, listed here) who work in agricultural and environmental fields.

Irrigation Industry Association of BC (IIABC)

  • IIABC is a professional organization that certifies irrigation designers (CID), schedulers (CIS), contractors, and technicians, all listed here.

Maps & Data

Ecosystem Information

BC Ministry of Forests and Range

BC Ministry of Environment

  • Species and Ecosystem Explorer helps identify species that may reside on or near your farm. Funding may exist to enhance habitat in ways that may also benefit your farm operation.

Data Sources

Government of BC

  •  DataBC organizes lots of useful information on ecosystem associations that producers can use to aid the design of agroecosystems. 

Mapping Programs

Government of BC

  •  iMapBC allows the public to create maps based on all kinds of government data from topography and soils to wells, water features and licenses, aquifers, habitat and biodiversity, and much more. 
  • ParcelMapBC provides the public with maps on land title and surveys. The same information is available from the “PMBC” layer in iMapBC. Also see BC Assessment’s EvalueBC.

Mapping Software

  • Google Earth Desktop is a free, user-friendly program to create basic maps by drawing on satellite images.
  • GmapGIS and Scribble Maps are other examples of free and simple mapping programs.
  • Any drawing software can be used to make a map. Keep it to scale by drawing on an imported image such as a screenshot from Google Earth, an aerial photograph, or some other map.
  • QGIS is only for the tech savvy with a taste for professional cartography, but it is free and feature rich.

Local Government Maps

The following educational institutions conduct research, educate students, and mentor new farmers:

COVID-19 Resources

Business Resources

Government of BC

Other BC Organizations


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