Wednesday, January 26

10:00 am – 12:00 pm (PST)

Indicators of Soil Health & On-Farm Measurements 

Most farms have a goal for improving soil health whether that is physical, chemical or biological improvements and it can be challenging to know what to measure to realize if those goals are being met. At this online interactive session, we will hear from soil researchers about why soil water infiltration is a good indicator of an agricultural soil’s physical properties and how to measure progress over time. 

Jamie Haynes, forage producer and rancher in Rock Creek, will share his experience from his soil health project where he seeded tillage radish with his annual forage crops to decrease compaction and increase water infiltration.  Read about Jamie’s project here. 

Dr. Tom Pypker, soil scientist, hydrologist and Associate Professor at Thomson Rivers’ University (TRU) and member of the  TRU Soil Health Team, will discuss fundamentals of soil health.

Dr. Catherine Tarasoff will introduce producers  to new research templates so that producers can plan and conduct their own on-farm research. The goal of the research templates is to inspire producers to experiment with strategies to improve their soil health and think about practical methods to measure success, and optimize farm production goals. View the research  templates here. 

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