Livestock Resource categories:

Hay, Forage & Grazing

Ministry of Agriculture

BC Forage Council

KBFA Events

Cattle & Bison

BC Bison Association

BC Cattlemen's Association

Ministry of Agriculture

Sheep & Goats

Ministry of Agriculture

BC Goat Association

  • Goat Resources: Resources including guides, webinars and learning opportunities regarding the goat industry in BC.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University


Ministry of Agriculture

Dairy Farmers of Canada

  • Producer Resources: Variety of resources for dairy producers, including animal health, cow comfort, dairy genetics, environment and provincial research transfer tools.


Ministry of Agriculture

  • Pork Production Guide: Information regarding an industry overview in the province, small lot pork production, commercial pork production and regulation.
  • Farm Practices: Overview of pork production in the province of BC covering a wide variety of topics, ranging from necessary equipment to fertilizer use.
  • PigTrace: This program is an industry-led database to quickly identify swine operations in order to avoid costly market disruptions and production losses in the event of a disease outbreak.
  • Pork Enterprise Budget: Cost and return of producing pork in BC.

BC Pork

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Poultry & Eggs

Ministry of Agriculture

  • Poultry Production Guide: Information for chicken, turkey, broiler and egg production. Sections include a health manual, small flock egg handling sheet and links to networking opportunities.

BC Poultry Association​

BC Chicken Marketing Board


Ministry of Agriculture

  • Honeybee Production Guide: This guide offers extensive information on diseases and pests, bee packages, seasonal management, legislation and much more.

  • Bees (apiculture): More resources regarding the study and management of honeybees, including food and bee business management.

BC Honey Producers


  • Resource Centre: Explore studies and bee counts from throughout the province.

KBFA Events​

  • Improve Your Beekeeping Workshop: This one day educational workshop welcoming Karen and Gil Pedersen of Pedersen Apiaries, Saskatchewan, to provide beekeepers with information on queen reading, spring management, disease management and preparing and overwintering nucs.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University


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