Wednesday, February 2

10:00 am – 11:30 am (PST)

Seeding Rates & On-Farm Measurements

Crop selection and seeding rates are an important strategy for optimizing yield. With the broad range of growing conditions in the Kootenays from soils to climate, each farm needs to make their own decisions based on individual farm circumstance and goals. At this event, we will hear producers who have experimented with seeding rates to hear what strategies they suggest to measure success and get the seeding rate right for your farm.

Wayne Ray, forage producer in Vanderhoof, will share his experience with trailing different crop varieties and seeding rates for optimal alfalfa yields. Read about Wayne’s project here. 

Tyler Morrison, forage producer and rancher in Cranbrook, will share his experience with trialing different seeding rates and varieties of Sorghum sudan grass. Read about Tyler’s project here.  

Dr. Catherine Tarasoff will introduce producers  to new research templates so that producers can plan and conduct their own on-farm research. The goal of the research templates is to inspire producers to experiment with seeding rates, think about practical methods to measure success, and optimize farm production goals. View the research  templates here. 

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