Soil & Water

Soil & Water

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Soil Quality
Water Regulations
✔ Irrigation

Soil Quality

Soil Survey Informaion

BC Ministry of Agriculture

  • SIFT Soil surveys and other data to map soil types and agricultural capability across BC. All the information is available in iMapBC layers.

Physical and Chemical Tests

BC Ministry of Agriculture

Biological Tests

Soil Foodweb Inc.

  • Soil Foodweb Inc (SFI), founded by Elaine Ingham, tests soil for biological indicators of health (e.g. fungi, bacteria, protozoa, etc.) and offers recommendations to increase beneficial soil life. Ingham-trained SFI consultants Vivian Kaloxilos (Montreal) and Jo Tobias (Vancouver) are connected with KBFA.

KBFA Workshops

Past Events

Water Regulations

Water Licensing

Front Counter BC

Works In and About Streams

BC Ministry of Environment


BC Agriculture Water Calculator

BC Ministry of Agriculture

  • BC Agriculture Water Calculator can estimate your farm’s annual and peak water requirements based on irrigation method, soils, crops, and climate data. Livestock watering requirements can also be estimated.

Irrigation Professionals

Irrigation Industry Association of BC (IIABC)

  • The IIABC have developed best practices and guides for the irrigation industry and their membership include certified agricultural irrigation designers, schedulers, and technicians.

Water Quality Guidelines

Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME)

Water Testing

Foreign Workers


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