kbfa-Soils in the East & Central Kootenay

Online: March 2021

This technical soil series discussed soil health indicators, soils chemical properties and nutrient management strategies for Kootenay soils. Forage production was the focus of the discussions, however, the basic principles of nutrient balancing for crop productivity are relevant to anyone who is looking maximize crop production and understand soil and plant interactions.​


  1. East Kootenay Soils (1:15)
  2. Central Kootenay Soils (1:15)

Guest speaker East Kootenay: Mike Malmberg, retired regional agrologist for the East Kootenay, has over 30 years experience working with East Kootenay soils and providing soil nutrient recommendations. He is a general advisor with KBFA, retired farmer and ranchers and involved with the Kootenay Livestock Association.

Guest speaker Central Kootenay: Ken Van Driesten, forage specialist with NutriSource, brought practical field knowledge for optimal crop productivity. As an industry specialist and seller of forage seed, he works daily with producers to help them prioritize their soil nutrient and management plans. Soil test reports  from the Creston Valley from various soil types were used for this event.​


  1. Forage Nutrient Manual by Agrium: Nutrient Management for Maximum Production
  2. Academic article on nutrient management, 2002: Fertilizer Management for Grass and Legume Mixtures 
  3. KBFA Blog: Getting to Know Kootenay Soils

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