Technical Services

Does your operation need technical support?​

KBFA is here to assist producers with technical production on the farm. Contact us for resources and information for farmers in the Kootenay & Boundary regions.

Find free services for producers in the Kootenays including pest management, farm management, soil management, pasture & weed management, water management, irrigation planning, land access, and climate change adaptation.

Technical Services

The Kootenay & Boundary Farm Advisors are able to assist producers with technical services and resources, including:

Pest Management

✔ Identification
✔ Diagnostics, and management recommendations

Soil Management

✔ Soil test interpretation
✔ How to collect a soil sample
✔ Support with cover cropping, compost, mulching, and other soil building

Pasture and Weed Management

✔ Invasive weed identification and control
✔ Grazing management for pasture health and productivity
✔ Forage management

Water Management

✔ Irrigation planning
✔ Riparian and wetland management

Land Access

✔ Maps and information on soils, water, and climate
✔ Assessments of land capability for agriculture
✔ Assistance with lease agreements and other forms of tenure

Climate Change Adaptation

✔ Crop selection
✔ Contingency planning

Farm Management

✔ Efficient processes
✔ Employees and volunteers
✔ Finding markets and structuring the business


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