This year, producers in the Kootenay & Boundary region demonstrated incredible determination and perseverance. This year’s growing season was one of early frosts, unprecedented high temperatures, drought, and flooding. Navigating through extreme weather was commonplace for farms throughout the region with some experiencing frost in early June, then the record-shattering heat dome in late June. 

The supply chain disruptions due to the devastating floods in the Lower Mainland emphasized the need for local food systems. In this time of need, Kootenay producers have stepped up to provide for their communities like never before. 

Throughout the year, KBFA visited over 100 farms, consulted with producers on over 300 issues, made connections with 50 experts, hosted over 20 events, and published 17 blogs to support farmers. 

KBFA brought forth a mix of in-person field days and online workshops. Blending both in-person and online opportunities allowed for a high level of information sharing within the region and facilitated even more discussion regarding important topics like irrigation and soil testing. Online deliveries provide convenient and safe learning opportunities for those throughout the region, while in-person field days are highlighted for connection, networking, and hands-on learning opportunities. 

Highlights of this year’s events included a presentation about the use of drones in agriculture, a “Lunch & Learn” series about soils in the Kootenays, and in-person field days focusing on beekeeping, irrigation, and livestock management.  

On behalf of KBFA, thank you farmers for your dedication this season! Here’s to another year of local food production. 

If you’re a commercial producer, please reach out to KBFA to discuss how we can help!  Connect with agriculture production in the region by following us on Instagram or check out our updated website at 

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