Get to Know the Ministry of Agriculture and Related Programs, January 2023

Regional Agrologists Jeff Nimmo and Phil Gyug  provided a brief overview of the Ministry of Agriculture departments and available resources (soil testing, plant diagnostics lab, water management) and also touched on programs that are available to producers such as the Environmental Farm Plan, Extreme Weather Preparedness and Climate Action funding.


  1. Watch the recording
  2. Programs and Services for Primary Producers (Fact Sheet from the Ministry of Agriculture)

Links Shared:

For a full list of programs and initiatives, visit
Online tools supported / developed by BC Ministry of Agriculture and Food:

  1. Nutrient management
  2. Soil mapping, data and information 
  3. Weather and climate data
  4. Irrigation planning
  5. Beef production:  Beef Cattle Research Centre
  6. Drought Information Portal
  7. Animal Health Centre – Province of British Columbia (
  8. Plant Health Laboratory – Province of British Columbia (

Other programs targeting BMP adoption and grazing:

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