Past Event: Winter Crop Production & Soil Nutrient Management at Crooked Horn Farm
September 21, 2023
KBFA met with farmers at Crooked Horn Farm alongside farm owners Ange and Gord to discuss about soil nutrient management and winter crop production.
Ange and Gord have been commercial market gardening for over 14 years in Winlaw on the Slocan River and are well known for producing high quality, nutrient dense, certified organic produce. These farmers have been working diligently to balance their soil nutrients for annual crop production by testing their soil annually and using the Albrecht method to identify what micro and macro nutrients to apply for optimal crop production. Ange and Gord do not use animal based products or fertilizers on their farm and rely on techniques such as fermenting alfalfa pellets for early season Nitrogen.  Anecdotally these farmers believe that the flavour profile has improved on some crops such as carrots since their soil has become more balanced! Winter and year-round crop production has also become a strategy to diversify their business and create a more balanced farmer lifestyle and consistent income. 
Happy healthy soil = happy healthy farmers! 

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