kbfa-Summer Agriculture & Upcoming Events
We’ve got a great events lineup in July, showcasing some of the innovation and
techniques used by our local agricultural rockstars along with technical knowledge for soil,
water, and livestock management.
First up on July 14 is a grazing management and soils field day taking place in Kimberley,
facilitated by regenerative ecosystem expert, Norm Ward. This opportunity will help farmers
integrate holistic approaches to regenerative agriculture and soil nutrient management. Farmers
will be able to learn about how to improve their production, as well as farm more efficiently, creating less waste in resources.
Next, in Grand Forks on July 20, farmers will learn the ins and outs of integrated vegetable, herb, and fruit tree systems by visiting Dieter & Elisabeth Bay at their 38-acre organic farm up the North Fork.
The field day will go over the Bay’s meticulously designed farm with a wide range of crops
including pear, cherry, and apricot trees. The Bays will also showcase their water management
techniques for farming on dry, sloped terrain.
Lastly, farmers headed to the field day in Burton on July 22 will be treated to rancher Forest McCormack’s wealth of information on growing his beef herd through the last decade. Participants will learn about breeding, size, resilience, and animal health. Farmers are encouraged to camp in Burton to attend the field day with the whole family!
Thank you farmers, for working tirelessly through this season. As always, contact KBFA and let us know how we can help your production!
If you are not able to attend an in-person field day, we will be sharing notes and resources after the events.

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