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Virtual Field Tours with Wild Flight Organic Farm

Wild Flight Organic Farm is a certified organic vegetable farm in Mara, BC. They have been commercially producing and selling vegetables at farmers markets and direct to consumer for over 30 years. This three-part series highlights specific aspects of their farming business through virtual tours of their farming operation. Many thanks to Hermann and Louise Bruns for sharing their extensive knowledge!​

Field Tour Recordings:

  1. Seed Starting and Season Extension (1:50 min)
  2. Mechanization for Harvesting and Weeding Field Crops (1:30 min)
  3. Winter Crop Storage (1:40 min)

Resources: Mechanization for Harvesting and Weeding Field Crops
Equipment companies mentioned in the field tour:

Tilmor also markets a whole line of smaller mechanized tillage equipment including basket weeders, Spyders, and finger weeders designed for use with walk-behind tractors. This scale could be more applicable to smaller growers wanting to mechanized their weed control. 

A series of older videos of Vegetable Farmers and their Weed Control Machines.

Resources: Winter Crop Storage

Wild Flight Farm’s winter storage rooms viewed on the virtual tour (in the order that they appear on the tour): 

  1. Winter squash storage: 7-10°C cooled with outdoor air inflow with constant air movement inside to keep it dry
  2. Vegetable root storage: 0°C, active refrigeration
  3. Apple/pear storage: 0°C, active refrigeration, kept separate from vegetables b/c they give off ethylene gas
  4. Potato storage: 5°C, cooled with outdoor air inflow on a thermostat
  5. Onion/garlic storage: 0-15°C. with constant air movement to keep produce as dry as possible


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