Re-Establishing Forages & On-farm Research

Field Day, Fort Steele, October 1, Cutter Ranch

Participants joined Sacha Bentall and Tyler McNaughton of Cutter Ranch to discuss their experience re-establishing ten acres of pasture with reduced tillage. Serena Black with the BC Forage Council will also join us to discuss the benefits of on-farm research and we see the application of no-till drilling and discuss strategies of cover cropping, stand re-establishment and soil testing.


  1. Alberta Forage Manual 

  2. Guide to on-farm Demonstration Research & case studies  

  3. The BC Forage Council

  4. Canadian Forage and Grassland Association, National project: forage and pasture management for carbon storage

  5. Farm Adaptation Innovator Project (current projects in the Kootenays)

Event details
Tuesday, October 1
Time: 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Location: Cutter Ranch, 2712 Wardner Fort Steele Road

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