Range Field Day: Targeted Grazing & Distribution Tools

Cranbrook: Tuesday, October 27

About: Rangeland ecologist Amanda Miller, with support from rangeland practitioner Tim Ross, shared findings from year one of a pilot project with the BC Cattlemen’s Association (BCCA) using targeted grazing to reduce fine fuels and wildfire risk in BC’s wildland/urban interface. Local ranchers Jordy and Leanne Thibeault partnered with BCCA on this project and kindly volunteered their time, resources, and cattle. The results of year one on the Thibeault’s operation were very favourable, highlighting how knowledge and sound stewardship paired with prescriptive vegetation management can work to deliver desired results, in this case, potentially protecting communities. The Thibeault’s wrapped up the field day sharing two innovative and portable distribution tools available to the region through the Kootenay Livestock Association, the Range Ward Powergrazer and a portable solar water trough.

Summary & Resources

  1. Field Day Handouts: Cranbrook Pilot Project Overview and Results  – Power Grazer Fencing Information

  2. Video: presentation by Amanda Miller about targeted grazing and the wildfire risk reduction pilot project

  3. Academic articles on targeted grazing: Society for Range Management 

  4. Global News article on Okanagan pilot project:  “Grazing Cattle Mitigate Wildfire Fuels

  5. East Kootenay Rancher Profile: Jordy Thibeault and the Cranbrook pilot project 

Archived Event Information:
October 27, 2020
12:00 pm: Gold Creek Road (near Phillips reservoir)​
1:00 pm: Jordy’s Ranch, Jordy’s Ranch,  1550, 46 Ave S​

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