We know you’re getting excited about the upcoming Targeted Grazing Field day! (By the way, you can still register here!).
Let’s give you an update on all the ins and outs of targeted grazing so we can get right into the technicalities at the field day.
The Basics
Simply, targeted grazing is “the use of a specified kind of livestock at a determined season, duration and intensity to accomplish defined vegetation and landscape goals.” In this specific case, the British Columbia Cattle Association (BCCA) is researching if targeted grazing can reduce wildfire risk.
Let’s break that down. Targeted grazing is a great tool for both land managers and ranchers to accomplish specific vegetation goals. In this case, the BCCA trial is using it to evaluate wildfire risk reduction.
Targeted grazing came into popularity a few years ago when ranchers noticed that grazing created ‘agricultural firebreaks’ to stop or slow wildfire activity. The BCCA is currently researching this to determine the viability of this tactic. Ultimately, researchers are trying to determine how to manage the extremes of the potentially unhealthy grasses with a potential fire hazard. Is there a balance? To be determined.
kbfa-Targeted Grazing The Future of Rangeland Management


So, How Can it Help Me?
Targeted grazing is not only for wildfire risk reduction. Targeted grazing can help ranchers achieve a variety of goals.
Here are some examples of ranchland management goals:
  • Specific vegetation management goals (trampling/defoliation)
  • Sustaining healthy soils
  • Altering livestock nutrition
  • Enhancing wildlife and biodiversity
We can see that there’s a variety of goals that targeted grazing can help you achieve. Whatever your rangeland management objective is, feel free to reach out to us and chat about the next steps in this process.
How Can I Get Started?
Come to our field day! Or, always feel free to reach out to KBFA for any technical support on the frontlines.
In the meantime, here are some resources:
Targeted Grazing Webinar
Take a look at this Targeted Grazing webinar hosted by Amanda Miller to get up to speed with the studies in BC.
More Information
Background on the Targeted Grazing Pilot Project in Cranbrook: Learn more about targeted cattle grazing in Cranbrook to reduce wildfire risk.
More Learning
Want to dive into the academic materials and learn more about if targeted grazing is right for your ranch? Take a look at these articles and papers.
Targeted Livestock Grazing: Prescfription for Healthy Rangelands: Learn more about specific targeted grazing goals here and future research direction.
Targeted Grazing: A Natural Approach to Vegetation Management and Landscape Enhancement:Read on for some background information on vegetation management and this process.

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