Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Forage Quality: How to Analyze Your Samples with the BC Forage Council

In this forage quality presentation, Professional Agrologist and forage producer Mike Witt of Witt Precision Ag., walked participants through  forage sample interpretation. BC Forage Council Manager, Serena Black, presented the results of the 72 forage quality samples that were collected throughout the region this fall. 


CONTENTS (click on the time to go directly to the video):

00:00:00 KBFA Introduction (Rachael Roussin)

00:04:07 BC Forage Council Introduction (Serena Black)

00:06:59 Round Table Introductions (all participants)

00:19:12 Project Introduction (Serena Black)

00:22:04 Overview of Samples 00:23:46 Relative Feed Quality (RFQ) 00:27:23 Sugars 00:28:36 Analysis Summaries

00:34:20 Introduction (Mike Witt)

00:36:39 Forage Quality

00:38:22 Sampling Methods

00:39:28 Test Results (NIR, Wet Chem, Calculations)

00:42:05 Dry Matter vs As Fed

00:45:21 Feed Components

00:46:40 Protein (CP, N, Amino Acids…)

00:52:00 Plant Cells

00:55:08 Fibre (NDF, ADF…) & Feed Intake

00:59:40 Non-Strucutral Carbohydrates (NSC)

01:02:26 Energy & TDN

01:08:00 Calculations (e.g. RFQ)

01:09:03 Ash & Minerals

01:10:39 Macro Minerals (Ca, P, Na, Mg, K, S)

01:15:00 Micros (Se, Cu, Zn, Mn, Fe, I, Co, Mo) & Vitamins

01:20:37 Other (nitrates, ammonia, pH, mold, toxins …)

01:23:53 Comparing Tests

01:25:49 Maturity at Cut

01:30:24 Other Influences on Growth

01:32:21 Harvest Management

01:35:04 Feeding Management

01:41:14 Resilient Strategies

01:43:02 Conclusion

01:44:43 Q&A: Sampling Problems

01:46:45 Q&A: High Iron Levels

01:47:45 Q&A: Nitrates and Drought

01:49:08 Q&A: Sourcing Inoculants

01:51:20 Q&A: Sugars (ESC)

01:56:13 Q&A: Warm vs Cool Season Annuals

01:58:24 Q&A: Alfalfa & Grass Benchmarks

02:02:12 Q&A: Acetic Acids

02:03:53 Feeding Costs (Mike Witt)

02:06:44 Costs Example: Low Quality Hay

02:08:52 Costs Example: High Quality Hay

02:10:44 Costs Example: Not Enough Hay

02:12:06 Costs Example: Hay vs Grain vs Silage

02:14:45 Comments by Mike Malmberg

02:17:39 KBFA 

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