Did you know? You can find a free library of resources on KBFA.ca. 

We’ve compiled a page of resources to include the most relevant, useful, and up-to-date resources that KBFA General Advisors are most frequently reaching for. 

Take a look a the list below, and learn something new to save time & money on the farm!

The categories of resources to explore include: 

General Resources: these sections include information for all sectors including funding, farm planning, maps and data. 

Business Resources: work with the financial and logistical element of production. This includes new farms, business planning, labour & management, and marketing. 

Soil & Water: information for soil testing, regulations, and irrigation planning. 

Crops & Orchards: production guides, best practices and enterprise budget for crop and orchard production. Areas of focus are vegetables, seeds, mushrooms, tree fruits & nuts, berries & vineyards, nurseries, and market gardens.

Livestock: Resources for raising livestock in the Kootenays. This includes information on hay & forage, cattle & bison, sheep & goats, dairy, pigs, poultry & eggs, and bees. 

Processing: Find abattoirs and information on cleaning and processing. This includes abattoirs, cleaning & packaging, and value-added processing. 

Climate resiliency: Find information and resources for resiliency against drought, wildfire, and flooding. 


Missing something? Let us know what resources or topics you’d like more information on. 

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