A new federal program is offering cost-shared funding to a maximum of $30k per business for practices that store carbon and reduce greenhouse gases through implementation of nitrogen management, cover cropping, or rotational grazing practices. This program was announced in the spring of 2022. Funding intakes (dates announced soon) will be in June and September 2022 & 2023. Find full program details and information here. 


Who can Apply? 

All farms in BC that can implement a prescribed BMP and have the ability to cover 30% of their project costs are eligible to apply for BCCAF funding. Applicants must be appropriately registered, licensed and/or certified to conduct business in British Columbia. Each BMP must be reviewed and approved by a registered professional Agrologist. If an applicant has not consulted with an Agrologist prior to applying the application will undergo additional technical review.


Funding Opportunities

BCCAF covers three primary BMP categories.

  • Nitrogen Management
  • Cover Cropping
  • Rotational Grazing

The cost share ratio is 70/30 for all BMP categories, meaning that 70% of the eligible costs for approved projects can be covered by BCCAF funding, up to the maximum funding amount for that category. The remaining 30% must be provided by the applicant.

Successful applicants will have up to four months to complete their project activities and submit all expenses. A recipient cannot have multiple simultaneous projects.

Note: Funding is intended to increase new adoption of BMPs; farmers cannot receive funding for a BMP if it is already in use


For more information, visit the BC Climate Agri-Solutions Program Page.

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