Field Day: Farming and Ranching in the Creston Valley: Ecological Challenges and Solutions

Date: June 23, 2022

Goat River Farms, Creston, BC

This field day brought producers and organizations together to discuss grazing management and strategies for cows, fish and frogs to co-exist on agricultural land. Participants toured Goat River Farms (Kootenay Natural Meats) to see management practices that this farm has implemented. Producers were able to connect with other farmers and land managers to discuss priorities and challenges when ranching and farming in ecologically sensitive areas.


  1. Farmland Advantage –  new program providing compensation for farmers to maintain ecosystem services and funding for riparian projects. Contact:
  2. Environmental Farm Plan – funding for confidential, on-farm environmental assessments and projects.
  3. NEW funding!  BC Agri Climate Solutions (grazing management infrastructure such as fencing, nitrogen management and cover crops). Contact: 778.401.8062
  4. Conservation project on the Frog Bear Corridor in the Creston Valley: Kootenay Connect – Frog Bear Corridor
  5. Stewardship Solutions: Free conservation resources specifically for landowners in Creston. 

Hosted by the Kootenay and Boundary Farm Advisors in Collaboration with Farmland Advantage.  Supporting organizations that will be present: Environmental Farm Plan, Kootenay Conservation Program and the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area.  

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