KBFA has been busy this winter with extension programming on livestock health and nutrition. Take a look at recent events to learn more about factors in digestion and nutrition to raise healthy livestock. 

Beef Cattle Nutrition

Want to know how a cow’s digestive system works? What grains match with which forages, and why? 

Learn from industry specialists to discuss the basics to forages and grains, along with the fundamentals to nutrition and how to make it work best for your herd. 

Jeremy Plesman of Valley Nutrition goes in depth on how to get the most out of your cattle feed for the healthiest animals. He explains how to grow healthy gut bacteria, use fibre to get the right rate of digestion, and balance protein and energy. 


Watch the event here: 

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Additional beef nutrition resources: 


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Flock Health for Optimal Broiler Production 

Are you a small scale meat bird producer in the Kootenays? You’ll want to tune in! This flock health workshop was tailored for such producers in the Kootenay region with Dr. Vicki Bowes, Small Flock Poultry Health Specialist and Veterinarian with the Ministry of Agriculture. 

Key fundamentals were covered in this workshop to increase your success as a chicken producer, reduce economic losses and improve animal welfare. Curtis Smith, owner and operator of the Chuckareese Abattoir in Creston, participated for discussion and Q&A. 


Watch the workshop here: 


Additional resources: 

Take a look at our livestock & processing resources pages for more information. Still finding yourself with questions on livestock health and processing? Get in touch with one of our advisors to help you with the next steps! 

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