Field Day: Low Tillage Market Gardening at Ravine Creek Farm

May 18 & September 15, 2022

Ravine Creek organic vegetable farm in the Slocan Valley has been practicing low tillage farming for a decade to manage weeds, build soil and retain moisture. In 2019 they began the process of transitioning to no-till and as of the 2021 season, 75% of their production area has been moved to a no-till permanent bed system. They are trialing a variety of no-till techniques, including; high-carbon deep compost mulch, various cellulose based mulches such as straw, hay and wood chips, and expanded use of cover crops for grown-in-place mulches. 

Attendees had the opportunity to network with fellow producers and hear from experienced market gardeners about how to maximize production, build soil, and control weeds.

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First set of photos below: May, 2022   |  Second set of photos below: September, 2022

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