Field Days: Riparian Field Days

Dates: September 13 – 15, 2022

Lee Hesketh of the Farmland Riparian Interface Stewardship Program (FRISP) and Gregoire Lamoureux of the Slocan River Streamkeepers led three field days in the West, Central, and East Kootenays in mid-September 2022.

These half-day riparian management field days are custom designed for agricultural landowners and included:

  • How to assess your riparian area
  • Why protecting your riparian area is important
  • Low cost, simple solutions that will protect your land from flooding and bank erosion, including live staking, cattle fencing, irrigation intake concepts and other ideas
  • Guidance on where to start, the different pathways for project implementation and sources of funding

At each session, a local Environmental Farm Planner (EFP) and members of local stream keepers answered regionally specific questions, allowing attendees connect with EFP planners and local groups for longer-term support to carry out riparian projects on their farms.

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