Meet the Ministry: Recorded Events

Through January 2023, KBFA hosted two events with the Ministry of Agriculture for producers to become familiar with Ministry of Agriculture programs and an introduction to soil testing.

Both sessions were recorded for anyone who was unable to attend the online events: See below for recordings, resources, and descriptions.

Get to Know the Ministry of Agriculture and Related Programs

Wednesday, January 18, Zoom Meeting

Meet & Greet Jeff Nimmo, the Regional Agrologist for the Kootenays and Phil Gyug, the Regional Agrologist for Boundary Country. Jeff moved to Creston in 2022 and is new to the Regional Agrologist role. At this session, Jeff and Phil introcued themselves and provided a brief overview of the Ministry of Agriculture departments and available resources (soil testing, plant diagnostics lab, water management) and also touched on programs that are available to producers such as the Environmental Farm PlanExtreme Weather Preparedness and Climate Action funding.

Resources: Program and Services for Primary Producers (Fact Sheet from the Ministry of Agriculture)

Soil Testing 101 with the Ministry of Agriculture

Wednesday, January 25, Zoom Meeting

Should I test my soil? What can a soil test tell me? Where do I get my soil tested?

Jeff Nimmo, Regional Agrologist for the Kootenays with a background in soil and nutrient management gives producers an overview on soil testing, how to interpret soil test results and discover where to access resources to test your own soil.

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