October Clinics: Low Stress Livestock Handling Clinic with Dylan Biggs
October 16 & 17: Beaverdell, hosted at Triple L Ranch
October 19 & 20: Cranbrook, hosted at C & C Ranch, Wardner

Dylan Biggs and KBFA hosted a two-day intensive livestock handling clinic on stockmanship excellence. Dylan Biggs, owner and operator of TK Ranch, is a leader when it comes to low stress handling and his handling methods are well recognized by the livestock industry.
For over 20 years Dylan Biggs has taught cattle handling clinics to all segments of the livestock industry including Young Agrarians, family farms and ranches, PFRA pasture riders, feedlots, universities and colleges, research stations and government agencies. Dylan’s excellent communication skills with both people and livestock have made his handling clinics invaluable to those who spend their lives working livestock.

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