Save the Date! Fall Field Days & Workshops 2023

There’s some great fall field days and workshops coming up this fall.

Join us for these upcoming events, where you will gain valuable insights, learn from industry experts, and connect with fellow farmers.

Here’s what we’ve got coming up:

1. Soil Fertility Management and Winter Crop Production (September 21st)

Are you curious about ways to improve soil health, boost fertility, and increase your winter crop production?

Join us at Crooked Horn Farm to hear about soil fertility management and winter crop production with farm owners Ange and Gord.
Ange and Gord have been commercial market gardening for over 10 years in Winlaw on the Slocan River and are well known for producing high quality, nutrient dense, certified organic produce. They amend their soils annually to support annual crop production but do not use any animal based products or fertilizers on their farm. Ange and Gord have continued to expand their winter crop production with high tunnels and at this field day we will see and hear about their crop plans and strategy to harvest through the fall and next spring.
2. Field Day: Hazelnut Production in the Kootenays (September 30th)

Have you ever considered incorporating hazelnut production into your farm?

Attend this KBFA field day to hear from Zachary Fleming, a professional agrologist and the president of the BC Hazelnut Growers Association about the what, why and how of getting into the hazelnut industry including market outlook, sector opportunities, and long-term management. The field day will be hosted at a recently planted hazelnut orchard in Creston where we will also discuss orchard planning and establishment, nutrition and propagation. Participants will also visit another nearby hazelnut orchard with older trees and coppice management on tighter spacing.

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3. October Clinics: Low-Stress Livestock Handling with Dylan Biggs

Are you interested in honing your livestock handling skills to reduce stress for both you and your animals?

Join Dylan Biggs and KBFA at a two-day intensive livestock handling clinic to bring your stockmanship to the next level!
Dylan Biggs, owner and operator of TK Ranch, is a leader when it comes to low stress handling and his handling methods are well recognized by the livestock industry.
For over 20 years Dylan Biggs has taught cattle handling clinics to all segments of the livestock industry including Young Agrarians, family farms and ranches, PFRA pasture riders, feedlots, universities and colleges, research stations and government agencies. Dylan’s excellent communication skills with both people and livestock have made his handling clinics invaluable to those who spend their lives working livestock.

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See you in the field! Until then, make sure to stay up to date with future events by signing up for The Kootenay Farmer Newsletter and keeping an eye on our social media.

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