April 2022

Irrigation designers Bruce Naka and Andrew Bennett visited five farms in five days across the Kootenay and Boundary regions, including vegetable, tree fruit, and forage operations. Topics discussed at each field day included: intakes and water quality, pumps and efficiencies, sizing pipes, pressure, flow, and air relief, even water distribution, automation and scheduling basics.

Resources listed under the photo gallery.


  • Resources from the field days:
  • Irrigation videos & tutorials: take a look at free online resources to optimize your irrigation with videos produced by KBFA:
    • Farm Water Fix is a 12-part video series produced by Andrew Bennett with the Climate Change Adaptation Program. 
    • Irrigate Better is a multi-part webinar series produced by Andrew Bennett in association with the Kootenay & Boundary Farm Advisors and the Climate & Agriculture Initiative to help farms use water more effectively to save time and money, and grow more.
  • Other irrigation resources:
    • Irrigation manuals from the BC Ministry of Agriculture: This manual provides information on soils, crops, and evapotranspiration rates; how to calculate irrigation system water requirements, application rates, set times and irrigation intervals, and design information in piping, pumps, screens, and water diversions. 

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