kbfa- Agricultural Drones

During this online event, we explored the use of drones for agriculture and how they might be useful to farmers.

  • Boundary cattle rancher Devin Chursinoff and KBFA advisor Andrew Bennett described their experience with drones and free satellite data to map farms and vegetation quality.

  • John Church, researcher at Thompson Rivers University, presented his work including using drones on cattle ranches to improve herd management, and save time and money.

  • Chris Noske, horticulturalist and entrepreneur, spoke to his Langley-based company, ProAg, which is the only in BC licensed to sell and operate huge (7-foot wing span!) drones to spray foliar amendments.


For ease of viewing, we have separated the video series into segments: 

  1. Ranch Mapping through the Seasons with Devin Chursinoff (Rancher)
  2. Drones for Farm Record Keeping with Tony Jeske (Rancher)
  3. Drones overview: Agricultural Mapping with Drones and Satellites with Andrew Bennett (KBFA)
  4. Latest Ranching Drone Research with Dr. John Church (Researcher)
  5. Big Rig Spraying Drones and Nanotechnology with Chris Noske (Industry)

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