Wild Flight Farm of Mara, BC was featured in Organic BC‘s Organic BC Soil Health Series.

This educational series showcases farms in the province, one of which features farm owner Hermann Bruns.

Video 1: Wild Flight Farm Virtual Field Day 

“Vegetable producers, don’t miss the tour of Wild Flight Farms, a 20-acre vegetable farm along the Shuswap River in Mara! Owner Hermann Bruns will give tips on inexpensive and effective green manures that suppress weeds and give soil more structure, plus countless other ways to build nutrient-rich, healthy soil.”


Video 2: Hutley Acres Farm Virtual Field Day 

“For a spotlight on the dairy sector, take a visit to Hutley Acres, a 300-acre farm in Armstrong with around 100 acres of pasture. Owner Mike Broersma gives an in-depth look at weed management, crop rotations and key machinery, as well as keeping a healthy herd, overcoming obstacles and the importance of trying new things. As Mike says, “It’s a challenge, but it’s amazing to see what you can do when you go back to using your head.””


Video 3: Claremont Ranch Organics Virtual Field Day

“Tree fruit producers! Don’t miss the virtual farm tour of Claremont Ranch Organics, a 7.5 acre organic orchard in Lake Country, BC. Owner Molly Thurston will walk through the optimal soil for growing tree fruits, the benefits (and best combinations) of cover crops, weed control during planting, and so much more.”


Video 4: Wild Flight Farm – Packing Shed Short 

“A guided tour of Wild Flight Farm’s packing shed, from field to market.”


For more Wild Flight Farm virtual field days, check out KBFA’s virtual events in 2020 & 2021!

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