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Save the date! KBFA advisors are ready for a spring filled with in-person events out in the field, and educational events online. Mark your calendars and come join us!


No-Till Seeding with Franz Feldmann

Monday, May 16
Franz Feldmann and his family have been ranching in the Columbia Valley for over six decades and produce hay. Three years ago Franz purchased a no-till seeder for forage crops and hasn’t looked back. At this field day, Franz will share his learning experiences with the no-till drill and demonstrate seeding techniques. This field day is a great opportunity to network with fellow producers and learn best practices for hay production in the Columbia Valley.

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Low Tillage Market Gardening at Ravine Creek Farm

Wednesday, May 18
Ravine Creek organic vegetable farm in the Slocan Valley has been practicing low tillage farming for a decade to manage weeds, build soil and retain moisture. In 2019 they began the process of transitioning to no-till. As of the 2021 season, 75% of their production area has been moved to a no-till permanent bed system. They are trialling a variety of no-till techniques, including; high-carbon deep compost mulch, various cellulose based mulches such as straw, hay and wood chips, and expanded use of cover crops for grown-in-place mulches. Farm owners Alys and Eric will share their experiences about how they have been able to reduce the use of plastics for weed control on the 2 acre farm by closely managing and maintaining their cultivated areas.  Attendees will have the opportunity to network with fellow producers and hear from experienced market gardeners about how to maximize production, build soil, and control weeds.

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Market Gardening for Environmental and Financial Sustainability

Wednesday, May 25 & Monday, June 6
Join experienced market gardeners John Hofer and Brenda Paterson online in this two-part market garden series to hear about how they operated Wise Earth Farm, a  2-acre urban regenerative market garden in Kelowna, for eleven years. During their time running Wise Earth Farm, John and Brenda discovered the most optimal ways to economically manage soil nutrients, manage staff and plan crop succession for their busy farm business.



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Rules & Regulations for Small-Scale Meat Producers

Tuesday, June 21
Are you interested in small-scale meat or poultry processing but don’t know where to start? During KBFA’s winter webinar series we heard from producers about the challenges to understand the new Provincial regulations for abattoirs and small scale meat processors. During this informal Q & A session, Nova Woodbury from BC Meats will answer questions from producers about small-scale, on-farm slaughter, meat processing regulations and licenses for poultry and livestock. This will include discussions on the new Farmgate/Farmgate Plus license and inspection requirements. Come prepared with your questions.

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Range Revitalization at Peckham’s Range Unit

Wednesday, June 29

Attend this field day to see the results of a project in the East Kootenay to restore rangeland for livestock grazing at the Peckham’s Range Unit near Fort Steele. In the 1960s and 1980s, the 100ha range unit was converted from native pasture to domestic grass species and is an important area for grazing ungulates and livestock, as well as a high-use recreation site. However, the area has experienced a decline in range productivity for grazing due to a variety of large-scale invasive plant infestations and management challenges. In an attempt to restore the site’s grazing potential and manage weeds, MFLNRORD has invested in significant range improvement strategies over the last two years.  At this field day we will hear from Hanna McIntyre with MFLNRORD who will share the history of the area, restoration strategies, seeding techniques, and participants will view the project results. Local rancher Tony Pighin will show how grazing management with livestock has been incorporated into the site’s restoration plan. The East Kootenay Invasive Species Council (EKISC) will show the results of the invasive plant management treatments and future plans for the site.

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